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Collaboration in the public sector: how do you create added value?

Collaboration is an important part of the public sector. Municipalities, governments and companies often work together to achieve their goals. However, it is not always easy to make these collaborations a success. In this blog we address the question of how you as a public party can create added value through collaboration.

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Better Collaboration

  1. Good cooperation starts with clear agreements. It is important to discuss and record clear goals and expectations prior to collaboration. It is important to also make agreements about the responsibilities of the various parties. By making these agreements explicit, you prevent ambiguity and misunderstandings.

  2. Guarantee the agreements in the tender and registration. A good way to safeguard agreements is to explicitly include them in the tender and registration. By setting clear requirements for the collaboration and the goals to be achieved, the agreements are made clear in advance. This increases the chance of successful collaboration and ensures that the responsibilities of the different parties are clear.

  3. Measure the progress of the collaboration. Measuring the progress of the collaboration is an important part of creating added value. By regularly monitoring whether the collaboration is progressing as agreed, any bottlenecks can be identified and resolved in a timely manner. In addition, measuring progress offers the opportunity to celebrate successes and identify any areas for improvement.

  4. Facilitate collaboration As a public party, it is important to facilitate collaboration. This can be done by offering a platform on which the various parties can collaborate, but also by organizing meetings and appointing a facilitator. By actively facilitating, you ensure that collaboration runs smoothly and any bottlenecks are resolved quickly.

Conclusion: Collaboration is an important part of the public sector and can deliver a lot of added value if it is approached in the right way. By making clear agreements, securing these in the tender and registration, measuring progress and actively facilitating them, you increase the chance of a successful collaboration.


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