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The Chicken-or-Egg dilemma: what comes first, collaboration or organization

In the search for Operational Excellence, organizations often encounter a fundamental question: is it successful collaboration that leads to a successful organization, or is it the success of the organization that makes fruitful collaboration possible? This chicken-or-egg dilemma underlies many strategic decisions and this blog article will try to provide some clarity.

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organizing and collaborating, what comes first

The importance of collaboration for success

Strong collaboration can be a true catalyst for an organization's success. When teams work together seamlessly, processes become not only more efficient, but also more effective. This includes reducing overlapping tasks and minimizing waste. In this context, collaboration is often seen as an essential condition for achieving business goals. This view is supported by studies showing that good coordination and collaboration are directly linked to better organizational performance.

The role of organizational success in collaboration

On the other hand, a strong, successful organization can serve as a basis for effective collaboration. If an organization is strong in itself - think of a solid organizational structure, good governance and sufficient resources or capacity - then teams and departments can work together more easily. A stable organization can create the right tools, processes and a culture that promotes collaboration. In such a scenario it can be said that it is the organization that paves the way for successful collaboration: the basics are in order.

Synergy: The Chicken and the Egg

Reality is often more complex than an either-or scenario. In many cases there is a synergistic relationship between organizational success and successful collaboration. Strong collaborations can take the organization to the next level, while a successful organization can provide the right environment for these collaborations to flourish. The two are often so intertwined that it is difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends.


It therefore appears that both the chicken and the egg play a role in this complex issue. Although it may be tempting to point to one of the two as the most important, practice shows that both are crucial for achieving Operational Excellence. The key lies in understanding these dynamics and strategically deploying both strong collaboration and organizational strength to create an environment where both can thrive.

For further in-depth information and tailor-made advice, please feel free to contact Totus Consultancy. With expertise in implementing Operational Excellence and creating robust governance structures, we can help you get the best out of both your partnerships and your organization.


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