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The Connection Between Strategic Organizational Advice and Mediation

When we think of the world of business consultancy and mediation, they may initially seem like two completely different disciplines. Upon a deeper dive, however, we discover surprising similarities that underline the power of collaboration and effective communication. Let's explore these similarities.

connection in companies with Totus Consultancy

The Importance of Connecting

At the core of both strategic organizational advice and mediation is the art of connecting. Organizational consultants strive to create synergies within teams and departments, while mediators strive to build bridges between conflicting parties. Both roles understand the value of collaboration in achieving optimal results.

Active Listening: An Essential Skill

The success of both an advisor and a mediator depends heavily on their ability to really listen. By actively listening, they can identify the core of a problem, gain insights and develop effective strategies that meet the needs of everyone involved.

A Solutions Focused Approach

Whether optimizing business processes or navigating a complicated conflict, both professions are deeply rooted in the search for solutions. This solution-oriented approach enables them to approach challenges with a positive and proactive mindset.

The Value of Confidentiality

In consultancy as well as in mediation, respecting confidentiality is not an option, but a duty. Maintaining the integrity and privacy of clients is paramount to building trust and ensuring effective relationships.

The Art of Adaptivity

In an ever-changing business environment, the ability to adapt is indispensable. Whether it's navigating different corporate cultures or dealing with diverse personalities in a mediation session, flexibility and adaptability are crucial.


Strategic organizational consulting and mediation, while seemingly different, are interwoven by common principles that emphasize collaboration, listening and solution-oriented approaches. At Totus Consultancy and Totus Mediation we recognize these similarities and are committed to promoting synergy and harmony in all aspects of organizational and interpersonal relationships.


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