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The basic principle for long lasting success is defined by how well organized you are. Sustainable growth comes from a fact based, data driven company that listens to it's customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. One that sees the challenges ahead in an early stage and embraces them to make it work for them. We support just that.


Get the basics right

If you are not occupied by the things that shouldn't have happened, you save time and money to do the things necessary better. A better customer eXperience at lower costs.

At Totus, we believe information should be free. We help build the structures to be able to do (part of) the process yourself. Control your key parameters and move on to a continuous improvement mindset.

We have a wealth of experience with international partnerships. Acquired from past engagements with and for some of the worlds biggest 'names' in the telecom, logistics and insurance industry.


Totus Consultancy was founded in 2018 by Jordi Zwart. With a background working for KPN and Asurion and a passion for strategic partnerships and operational excellence, he seeks to ImProve

blueprint for growth

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"It's not so hard nowadays to convince someone to agree on the fact that an efficient cooperation and organization saves time, money and can therefor better compete on quality and price. But advising on how you can achieve and maintain it is where I really add value to my customers".

Jordi Zwart - Strategic Advisor 


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