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"Why seagulls?" First of all because of the link that these birds have with Operational Excellence. They are extremely efficient animals. And in addition to being excellent flyers in themselves, they also make optimal use of thermals. Furthermore, seagulls can cope excellently with rapidly changing circumstances and are true survivors. And seagulls are a bit cheeky, or rather: "they have guts".

Another reason is one with an underlying ambition. We closely monitor blockchain developments for governance and customer interaction-related innovations. And that exploration goes further than just reading about it. For example, we are represented within a memecoin community (DeFi) and we are an active shareholder in several web3 start-ups. But the foray into seagulls generated by artificial intelligence is mainly intended to become familiar with the technology and what it entails. On theInstagram page of Totusyou will find them all.


Call for an appointment or leave a message. I would be happy to come by and explain why better collaboration really is better. Of course I can also receive you at our visiting location in Noordwijk or Schiphol, or via a video conference. 



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