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If you desire everything to run smoothly, treat every link in the chain as equally important.

Operational Excellence is not just a pursuit of efficiency, but an integral way of thinking and acting. A holistic approach, if you will. The idea that 'a chain is only as strong as its weakest link' is crucial for the success of any organization. This means that everyone, from the person scheduling meetings to the strategic decision-makers, plays an equally important role in the process and should be approached as such.

Every Link Counts

Everyone, from the meeting organizer to strategic leaders, contributes to success. Take, for instance, the person who plans meetings. Although their role might seem simple at first glance, they are essential for smooth execution. Without their careful planning, the meeting could become chaotic, compromising efficiency and productivity.

Integral Approach

Achieving Operational Excellence requires a holistic approach. This means understanding and optimizing the interactions between different processes. For example, a delay in the approval of a proposal can affect the entire project timeline. Therefore, it is crucial to create seamless interfaces and handovers between departments.

Knowledge and Skills at the Table

Diversity of expertise is another important aspect. By bringing together operational, tactical, and strategic knowledge, we can solve more complex problems. Imagine an operational employee identifying a bottleneck that higher management layers do not see. Their practical insight can lead to innovative solutions that might otherwise be overlooked.

Appreciation and Respect

Creating a culture where every employee feels valued and respected is essential. This means looking not only at hierarchical levels but at the value each individual adds. This leads to increased morale and a collective commitment to achieving business goals.


Operational Excellence is a continuous process of improvement that starts with valuing every link in the chain. By adopting an integral approach and bringing diverse expertise to the table, organizations can not only optimize their processes but also foster a culture of collaboration and respect. This leads to sustainable growth and excellence.


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