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Why a well-organized base is crucial for job satisfaction and cooperation

When we talk about Operational Excellence and LeanSixSigma, Lean-Agile and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), we seem to be diving into a world of complex jargons and methodologies. But let's keep it simple: these are all systems that get the basics in order. In this blog we discuss why it is essential to have a well-structured basis within an organization and between chain partners.

improve chain cooperation

Employees want to know where they standAn often overlooked human need is the need for stability and predictability. This applies not only in our personal lives, but also in the workplace. Employees want to understand what is expected of them, how their role fits into the bigger picture, and what procedures they need to follow to be successful. When an organization has clear, well-structured systems for this, it creates an environment in which employees can flourish.

Chain collaboration as harmony

Imagine an orchestra. Each musician plays their own instrument and has a unique role. If everyone plays the same notes but without paying attention to each other, you're likely to get a chaotic sound. But when there is coordination, beautiful music is created. This is comparable to a well-organized chain collaboration. When all parties – from suppliers to producers to distributors – are well coordinated, everything runs smoothly. And just like employees in an organization, the partners in a chain also want to know where they stand. A clear structure and agreements are essential for this. Sales and Operations Planning, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment and Integrated Business Planning are three very suitable methods for this.

The Benefits of a Well Organized Base

  1. Job satisfaction: Both within an organization and in a collaborative chain, clarity leads to greater job satisfaction. Employees and partners know what is expected and can therefore perform better.

  2. Efficiency: If everyone knows what his or her job is, fewer mistakes are made. This leads to a faster workflow and less wasted time and resources.

  3. Room for Improvement: With a good foundation you can build. Once everyone knows where they stand, it becomes easier to implement changes that lead to further improvements.


A good foundation in both internal organizational structures and external partnerships makes life easier for everyone. This means that employees and chain partners can flourish within a well-defined framework, which in turn leads to a more efficient and productive working environment. At Totus Consultancy we believe that establishing such a strong foundation is the first step towards continuous improvement and ultimately towards achieving Operational Excellence.

Do you need more insight into how you can strengthen the basis of your organization or chain collaboration? Please contact Totus Consultancy.

This blog is a contribution from Totus Consultancy, experts in improving collaborations by creating a solid foundation.


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