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Collaboration is all about trust. And that trust is basically always about doing what is promised; fulfilling the agreements. But if nothing has been agreed, it becomes difficult to determine who actually bears responsibility. And especially now that continuous improvement within collaborations seems to be becoming commonplace, it is becoming increasingly important to agree in advance who will make what effort and at what costs and benefits. Totus Consultancy has therefore specialized in safeguarding agreements on better cooperation. 

Do you have a dispute about existing agreements or do you need mediation in their conclusion -Totus MfN Register Mediation.


From Vision to Assignment and Tender

An effective Assignment, Tender and Collaboration starts with a clear vision. It is this vision that serves as the first benchmark. In practice, however, we see that implementation of such a bottom-up vision often fails, which actually reduces support. Fortunately, there are successful methods to translate a vision into a concrete assignment. During this translation, it is crucial to take the customer promise into account, including parameters such as time, costs and quality (TQC). These factors also form the basis of Operational Excellence, an aspect that also deserves attention in this phase. Click formore information.

If we zoom in on the tender process, it is important to use SMART criteria. This applies in particular to drawing up the Specifications; think of, for example, PvW, PvE, SLA, DAP, TAP and Governance. Having the right information plays a crucial role in ultimately being able to maintain control, or rather 'grip' of the service or product.


Call for an appointment or leave a message. I would be happy to come by and explain why better collaboration really is better. Of course I can also receive you at our visiting location in Noordwijk or Schiphol, or via a video conference. 



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