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Totus was founded by Jordi Zwart from Noordwijk. Jordi has already worked with many different multinationals. The knowledge and experience he has gained with:

  • optimize  of processes and customer journeys (L6S Blackbelt);

  • rationalize logistics centers and brands such as Hi, Mtv, Planet and HetNet;

  • network dynamic forecasting of required capacity (IBF); 

  • optimizing relationships with companies such as Apple, CEVA and Dienst Toeslagen;

  • implementing Operational Excellence at corporate;

  • managing large amounts of data and related agreements;

ensure that he has acquired a well-stocked toolkit when it comes to better organization and therefore better collaboration. Jordi himself says this:

"It is of course not the case that every organization is the same. But there is a common denominator in how the best-in-class service organizations work together and are organized. Everything is aimed at delivering on customer promises consistently and as efficiently as possible. And in doing so every agreement and every handover is described. This makes the sum of the parts manageable, controllable and predictable. It also enables decisions to be made in advance, 'fact based and data driven'. So although there is no one size fits all, There is indeed a standard for better collaboration and organization."


You can read more about this in this article, among othersblog andthis.


Call for an appointment or leave a message. I would be happy to come by and explain why better collaboration really is better. Of course I can also receive you at our visiting location in Noordwijk or Schiphol, or via a video conference. 



Crosspoint Offices

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